Q: What is Figment Print Service?

A: Figment is a tool used by people with files to print. They use it to upload and then professionally print their content onto premium papers.

Q: How do I add more than one image for a given product?

A: Upload your images (up to 5) and then select the matching "Quantity" option to have all your photos printed with the selected options.

Q: What resolution do my uploaded imaginings need to be?

A: Printed images will look crisp so long as your original and uploaded file is at least 300 ppi at a given size.

Q: How can I crop my photos before I upload so that I know they will fit correctly?

A: Use an image editor (built into mobile devices photo gallery apps) to crop to your desired dimensions.

If there's anything else, or if you have a question for us or are looking to upload a large amount of images, email us at info@figmentprint.com